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A36 A53 Carbon Equal Angle Steel & Mild Corner Carbon Iron Steel Angle Bar

  • Carbon Corner Bar


Angle bars are metal support bars used to enhance the stability of a structure.

Product Description

Carbon Corner Bar application parameters:

Product Name: Angle bar Length: As required.
Standard: AISI/ASTM/DIN/JIS Technique Hot Rolled /Cold Rolled 
Surface: BA/2B/NO.1/NO.3/NO.4/8K/HL/2D/1D MOQ: 1ton

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angle-bar (2)

carbon Corner Bar


Galvanized angle steel has a wide range of uses and is mainly used in the following fields: power towers, communication towers, curtain wall materials, scaffolding construction, railways, highway protection, street light poles, ship components, building steel structure components, substation ancillary facilities and light industry, etc. industry.

Hot-dip galvanized angle steel is also called hot-dip galvanized angle steel. It immerses the rust-removed angle steel in molten zinc at about 500°C, so that a zinc layer is attached to the surface of the angle steel to achieve the purpose of preventing corrosion. The cold galvanizing layer mainly uses the principle of electrochemistry to ensure that the zinc powder is in full contact with the steel, generating an electrode potential difference, thereby preventing corrosion. Therefore, galvanized angle steel is suitable for various strong corrosive environments such as strong acid and alkali mist.


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