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Q345B/C/D/E Q235 A53/St33 Steel Round Bar for Structural

  • Q345B/C/D/E Q235 A53/St33 Steel Round Bar


  • 10 TON 

Q345B/C/D/E Q235 steel is a low-alloy high-strength structural steel, which has good mechanical properties, low-temperature strength, good weldability, moderate cold bending property, and moderate toughness.

Product Description

Q345B/C/D/E Q235 round bar application parameters:

Product Name

Q345B/C/D/E Q235 A53/St33 Steel Round Bar


3m,6m,9m,12m or as required


3mm~400mm or as required




Hot rolled (HR)  or   Cold rolled (CR)

Thickness Tolerance-0.05-0.07mm or 0.75-0.1mm  or -1%
MOQ1 ton. Sample order acceptable.
Lead Time

Within 5-20days after receiving deposit.

Export packingWaterproof paper protected, steel strip packed stably, and fixed well.Standard Export Seaworthy Package.

Suit for all kinds of transportation means; or as required

Q345B/C/D/E Q235 round bar Chemical Composition:


Composition (%)

Carbon (C)


Silicon (Si)


Manganese (Mn)


Chromium (Cr)


Phosphorus (P)


Sulfur (S)


Molybdenum (Mo)




Product Description

Q345B/C/D/E Q235 round steel is a is a kind of steel. It is a low-alloy steel widely used in bridges, vehicles, ships, buildings, pressure vessels, special equipment, etc., where "Q" means yield strength, and 345 means that the yield strength of this steel is 345MPa.

Different grades of Q345A, Q345B, Q345C, Q345D, and Q345E represent different impact temperatures. A refers to above 40 degrees, B above 20 degrees, C0 above, D-20 degrees above, E-40 degrees above, the difference between A and E refers to the difference in impact temperature in their performance. They are: Q235A grade, no shock; Q235B grade, 20 degree normal temperature shock; Q235C grade, 0 degree shock; Q235D grade, -20 degree shock; Q235E, -40 degree shock. At different shock temperatures, the shock values are also different.


Ordinary carbon structural steel has a wide range of applications. Generally used as building materials and less important mechanical parts, making screws, anchor screws, furnace parts, agricultural machinery, building structures, rolled into I-beams, channel steels, angle steels, steel plates, steel pipes and other various Profiles, manufacturing various parts, can also be heat treated.


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