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Dx54d+Z Galvanized Steel Coils for Sale

  • Dx54d+Z

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  • 600mm to 1500mm

  • Z30~Z275g/m2

  • zero/small/regular/big

  • AiSi, ASTM, bs, DIN, GB, JIS

  • Roll

  • GI Steel

  • 10 TON 

  • Industrial


Dx54d+Z galvanized coil is a product that uses carbon steel as the base material and is treated with hot-dip galvanizing. It forms a uniform and dense zinc layer on the surface of the steel coil. The hot-dip galvanized steel coil has high tensile strength and yield strength.

Product Description


 Product Description

DX54d+z Galvanized Steel coils

Dx54d+Z galvanized steel coil is a product that is galvanized by immersing the steel coil in molten zinc liquid. The galvanized layer can effectively prevent the steel from contacting the external environment, preventing oxidation and corrosion so that it has a long service life in harsh environments. The galvanized layer can not only resist the erosion of various climatic conditions but also has excellent weather resistance, making it suitable for outdoor and high-humidity areas.


 Surface Structure

DX54d+z Galvanized coils
  1. Zinc layer

  2. Cold-Rolled Steel 

  3. Zn Coating Layer

DX54d+z Galvanised Steel Coils


Dx54d+Z galvanized steel coil has a smooth surface and good appearance. Coating treatment can be carried out as needed to further enhance the beauty and decorativeness of the product. Its high strength and hardness enable galvanized steel coils to meet the needs of various engineering and construction fields. In addition, galvanized steel coils can be cut, bent, stamped and other processing operations, suitable for a variety of processing techniques and needs.

|The surface of galvanized steel coils can be divided into four types

the sapangle of DX54d+z Galvanised Steel Coils

  1. No Spangle: The surface of the galvanized steel coil without a pattern has no obvious zinc grains, presenting a smooth appearance.

  2. Small Spangle: The surface of the galvanized steel coil with small pattern has fine zinc grains, presenting a fine pattern.

  3. Regular Spangle: Regular Spangle has medium-sized zinc grains on the surface of the galvanized steel coil, showing a regular pattern.

  4. Big Spangle: Big Spangle has larger zinc grains on the surface of the galvanized steel coil, showing a larger pattern.

These different surface types can be selected according to customer needs and application areas to meet different appearance requirements and functional requirements.

Product Specification

Steel Grade
Zinc (Galvanized)
Coating Weight
Available in various coating weights
0.3 mm to 3.0 mm
600 mm to 1500 mm
EN 10346
Surface Finish
no spangle
small spangle
regular spangle
big spangle
10 TON
Smooth Finish

Product Image


 Product Display

Dx54 steel roll
Dx54+z steel stripe
dx54+z coils stock
dx54+z coils for sale

Product Process


 Product Process

the process of Dx54d+z


 Product Packaging

the packing of Dx54d+z

Company Detail


 Company Profile

"Shunbei Ronghang Metal" is a company specializing in the manufacture of galvanized steel coils. We are committed to providing customers with high-quality galvanized steel coil products and have established a good reputation in the industry. As a manufacturer with advanced technology and well-equipped equipment, we have advanced production lines and efficient production processes. Our production equipment is carefully designed and optimized to ensure the quality and stability of our products. Our production team consists of experienced professionals who strictly follow international standards and quality management systems to ensure that each batch of products meets customer requirements. Our galvanized steel coil products have excellent corrosion resistance and durability and are widely used in construction, automobile manufacturing, home appliances, and other fields. We provide products in a variety of specifications and sizes to meet the needs of different customers. Whether it is a large-scale engineering project or an individual user, we can provide customized solutions for them. Shunbei Ronghang Metal always adheres to the principle of customer-centricity, and we value communication and cooperation with customers. Our sales team always maintains a proactive attitude and provides customers with professional consultation and technical support. We focus on establishing long-term and stable cooperative relationships with customers for common development and greater success.

We also attach great importance to environmental protection and sustainable development. We use environmentally friendly production processes and materials to strive to reduce the impact on the environment. We actively promote green manufacturing and circular economy and are committed to contributing to society and the environment.


shunbei ronghang of CE Certifications
The iso Certifications of Dx54d+z

The iso9001 Certifications of Dx54d+z



Q: Are you a manufacturer? 

A: Yes, we are a leading manufacturer with our own factory. We specialize in producing and exporting galvanized steel coil, galvalume steel coil, PPGI, and more. We assure you that we are the right choice for your needs.

Q: Can we visit your factory? 

A: Absolutely! We warmly welcome you to visit our factory. Once we have your schedule, we will make arrangements to pick you up.

Q: Can you arrange the shipment?

A: Certainly! We have a reliable and permanent freight forwarder who can secure the best prices from reputable shipping companies and provide professional service.

Q: What is your delivery time?

A: Generally, our delivery time ranges from 10 to 35 days, depending on the quantity of your order.

Q: How can we get a quotation? 

A: To provide you with the best offer, please provide us with the specifications of the product, such as material, size, shape, etc.

Q: How do you establish long-term and good relationships with your clients?

A: We prioritize maintaining good quality and competitive prices to ensure our customers' satisfaction and benefit. We treat every customer as our friend and sincerely conduct business, aiming to build strong relationships regardless of their origin.


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Foshan Shunbei Ronghang Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd. established in 2008, specializes in the production of carbon steel, including alloy steel plate, galvanized steel plate, color coated steel coil, cold rolled steel plate.

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