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Colour Roofing Steel Sheets | Prepainted Galvanized Steel Corrugated Roof Plate Supplier &China

  • DX51D+Z/DX56D/SGCC/DX53D/DC51


  • steel

  • 2.0~3.0mm

  • 0.5~2.0mm

  • RAL Color

  • Prepainted

  • 10 TON 

  • Roofing/walls


Our pre-coated corrugated galvanized panels are made from high-quality galvanized steel to withstand harsh weather conditions. The unique color-coated design makes your house look more beautiful. Our pre-coated galvanized corrugated panels are easy to install and are a practical choice for residential and commercial roofing projects. Lightweight construction ensures easy installation, saving you time and effort.

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 Product Description

Type Corrugated Steel Sheet
Surface Treatment Coating
Thickness 2.0~3.0MM
Width 500~1150MM
According to customers needs
Color RAL Color
Zinc layer 30-275g/m2
Shape Wave Tiles/Trapezoidal Tiles/ Glazed Tiles

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Corrugated steel sheet


Application of color-coated corrugated sheet

Colour Roofing Sheet is manufactured using hot-dip galvanized steel and hot-dip aluminum-zinc steel as the base material. It undergoes meticulous processing to create corrugated panels or is combined with polyurethane composite sandwich panels. This versatile product finds its application in the construction of steel structure factories, airports, warehouses, cold storage facilities, and various industrial and commercial buildings.

With its exceptional strength and resilience, Colour Roofing Sheet is the perfect choice for roofing, wall cladding, and doors. Its robust construction ensures long-lasting protection against harsh weather conditions, corrosion, and wear and tear.

Not only does Colour Roofing Sheets provide unparalleled structural integrity, but it also offers an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Available in a wide range of vibrant colors, it adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any architectural design.

Invest in Colour Roofing Sheets and experience the epitome of reliability and performance. Our product is backed by years of expertise and a commitment to delivering excellence. Trust us to provide you with a solution that exceeds your expectations and stands the test of time.

| Products Recommended

The product we recommend is a color-coated corrugated steel plate, which is a building material with excellent performance and a beautiful appearance. Color-coated corrugated steel plates are made of high-quality carbon steel and are galvanized and color-coated, making them corrosion-resistant and weather-resistant.

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Color-coated corrugated steel panels are available in a variety of colors and can be customized according to customer needs and preferences. Its smooth surface and bright colors can add a bright appearance to the building.

In addition, color-coated corrugated steel plates also have good strength and rigidity and can withstand large loads and wind pressure. Its corrugated construction design increases its rigidity and stability, making it excellent in earthquake and wind resistance.

Color-coated corrugated steel plates are widely used in industrial buildings, commercial buildings, and residential buildings. It can be used on roofs, walls, ceilings, and partitions to provide reliable protection and decorative effects for buildings.

Our color-coated corrugated steel panels comply with international quality standards and undergo strict quality control and testing to ensure stable and reliable product quality. We offer color-coated corrugated steel panels in a variety of specifications and sizes to meet the needs of different customers.

If you are looking for a high-quality, durable, and beautiful building material, pre-painted corrugated steel panels will be your ideal choice. Please contact us and we will provide you with high-quality products and professional services.

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"Foshan Shunbei Ronghang Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd. "was established in 2008, specializing in the production of color-coated galvanized corrugated boards. Product models include DX51D+Z/DX56D/SGCC/DX53D/DC51.

The products are widely used in the construction of roofs, walls and doors of steel structure factories, airports, warehouses, freezers and other industrial and commercial buildings after being processed into corrugated boards or composite sandwich panels with polyurethane. We have 10 advanced production lines, complete testing equipment and supporting production facilities; the annual output exceeds 600,000 tons; the products have passed ISO9001, API 5L, API 5CT, EN10219, EN10217 and other international quality system certifications; we are a color coating company A modern enterprise integrating the production, processing and trade of galvanized corrugated sheets, it is China's leading steel enterprise group. Our products have been exported to more than 60 countries and regions in Southeast Asia, South America, the Middle East, and Africa, and have undertaken more than 60 national-level industrial projects.

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Environmental management system certification

  GB/T19001-2015-ISO 9001:2015

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Foshan Shunbei Ronghang Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd. established in 2008, specializes in the production of carbon steel, including alloy steel plate, galvanized steel plate, color coated steel coil, cold rolled steel plate.

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